The four flew into town between sheets of rain which clobbered the ground like giant water balloons.

“Excuse me, ladies”, says the stewardess. The pilot says you four are yacking it up too much, so please put on these masks asap. Too much fat is being chewed, and you guys sound like a truckload of auctioneers at a blubber convention. So put a sock in it! 

“Listen up yourself, says the Pesty one with never-ending eyebrows, “ I know my rights and Dr Dolittle is …”  

“Dr Dolittle? Swoons the stewardess, Ms Got’lips, as she halts her speech grabbing her chest and then continues.. “Why, I had no idea who you were. Excuse me, please excuse me a thousand times. Not!… 

 Listen you little shit, you and the good Dr, have made my flight look like a barnyard at feeding time. There are two penguins riding in 1st class along with seven peacocks whose feathers are ‘Oh so delicate and precious;  Bull shit!” 

Got’lips spins around in a small circle like a bobble toy on crack. “Not to mention I have chicken poop all over my plane.

The four began to whoop it up even more so, disregarding her comments and commands. Pouring their own drinks and basically taking over her cart. 

Got’lips runs away screaming…