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Birthday Wishes To A Friend

by ThePest
Ghazal – The Ballerina 
To dance on your birthday And to say a line
I’m sure you’ve only heard just thirty-nine times.
Lets dance for your birthday Pest 
lets twirl and spin and sing…
There’s a special Ballon in your step today, 
exquisite, exhibited so refined. 
And for your manner of being, Aplomb, 
with youth, beauty and gorgeous eyes.
Fouetté rond de jambe en tournant rising into a point, then
À la seconde, sideways down these halls please glide.
Then Avant, forward, stage front girl, to this Birthday gathering.
So, I raise a glass and toast this event, to my friend, 
may song fill your days, and dance surround your nights.                      
I hope many more of today’s and may you ‘Attitude’ with one leg out, 
when you reach 90 degrees old…
Love Bill

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