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by ThePest


The backyard was like Disneyland After Dark, 

only no Passes or Height Requirements were needed. 

But Top Hats and Mustaches were a Must Have, as

The Magic Kingdom of Neely and Henry became alive.


Fine Cigars danced in the night like fireflies in flight as expressive hand gestures orchestrated conversations, and Male Locomotives puffed away under a tree of lights, sending chuffs of smoke into the nighttime skies.


An accordion brought Venice to our doorsteps 

as candles floated in the nearby canal, shifting about on a breeze.


The fire pit drew British accents, mix with Argentinian Food Talk

Peppered with laughter while Shadi, in a tutu,

hung low to the ground, and Goli’s Nine Eggs waited to take flight.

The Birthday Party for Henry,

was in Full Swing when the piñata met its match.

The  cane whipped about like a jockey on a horse,

As the mighty piñata flew up and down the track 

And as Shazdeh rested nearby 

a group of supportive friends cheered him on.


Side to side, like a drunken man in a blindfold

Henry’s Swings were released, baseball style.

As hit after hit was delivered on its mark

Yet, it gave no ground, the same as whipping a petrified tree.

But Brut hand strength, Pure Muscle, was Applied, and In a wrestling match with paper, Henry Won.

Conversations tickled with drinks consumed 

brought the evening’s many raised glasses 

as best wishes rang out.

And to Top it off, 

The Delightful Cake Masterpiece of Shab and Best Friend,

Supporting each other was a highlight to behold. 


Happy Birthday Henry

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