by Tite Turley

SHAB – THE Minister of Yards and Lawns, has officially retired, and now can be seen dancing and running in wetlands afar, travelling aboard the Royal yacht on his way to lecture at Oxford on the ‘Art of Chasing Squirrels. 

 Yes, this man who walked on all fours, and spoke 4 languages, Swedish, French, Italian and Japanese, but with a slight Persian twang, has gone abroad for an undisclosed period of time. With no Pedigrees, this Best Friend spoke the dialect Jack London could only write about: “Wolf!” and will be truly missed doing his absence whilst on tour. 

Bold letters made his name a star 

So please raise a glass and toast 

And sing; louder than a coyotes howl


SHAB Rocks

on the Walk of Fame

SHAB Rocks

where he’d Strutt and stride

SHAB Rocks

like John Wayne, 


Rock n’ Roll 

Buttie call

leading man Clark Gable

“Frankly my Dear. I Don’t Give A Damn.”

SHAB Rocks with his own chauffeur-driven car. 


My Bird flys empty across the sky, 

Yet I will catch you for reals, 

With bowtie in place and topper hat

My paws embrace thoughts of you

My truly to be missed  

dear friend, high five.

Feathered Pest I Bid Adoo…

And To You, who have cared for me, 

shown me the better ways.

Shouted thunder, calmed my 4ths

Soothed my pains…

My ears will be forever

Listening for your slightest call.

Love Always… Thanks for being there… Shab

P.s… it was Conner who knocked your Vase off the shelf and it was Dane who drove your golf cart into the lake.

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