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Educated Duck Somewhere In China

by ThePest
The haiku is a Japanese poetic form that consists of three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. The haiku developed from the hokku, the opening three lines of a longer poem known as a tanka. The haiku became a separate form of poetry in the 17th century.

Duck Lives n Reed’s Brooks

Goes quacker’s swimming circles

lost library card

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Tite Turley August 30, 2021 - 1:12 pm

Your play on words is subtle and smooth.

tobby September 2, 2021 - 10:12 pm

you one funny cookie-cutter words leave me stitched up in laughs

ThePest October 6, 2021 - 6:14 pm

You speak in riddles

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