Add your own…Headlines You Just Won’t Believe

Add your own…Headlines You Just Won’t Believe

“Headlines You Just Won’t Believe!”

  • “France Finally Makes A Firm Stand On Something!”

After years of picking causes they believe in and then leaving

when it gets too Hot, France has decided to pull out again.. yada yada yada

  • “U.S.A. Chased Out of U.N.”

Because of Humanitarian Abuses the United States was Forced out by China on a 378 to 7 vote,

with France abstaining… yada yada yada

  • “Powerful Tornado Rips Through Trailer Park in France for the Fifth Time!”

Andre Parries Prize Winning Hog, Clyde, was Once Again Carried 5 Kilometers Slamming Through the Roof of Ex-Chairman Rick Th… yada yada yada

  • Trump Gets Wall Money By Selling Drugs to Mexico.”

          Nancy Pelosi was also Traded as Part of the Deal, But was Stopped at the Border for Dress Code Violations and  Incoherent, Non-stop- Jibber-Jabbing about… yada yada yada

  • “Bullfighter is Gored by His Own Car in the Netherlands.”

 Pepe ‘The Lavender Flash’ Osborne, was gored by his own car when Al Gore’s Suspenders

became Caught on Hand Brake and …yada yada yada

  • “Al Gore is Mistaken for a Block of Wood and Whittled Down to Nothing”

The Pirates of the Matterhorn

The Pirates of the Matterhorn

"Order in the court! Order in the court!" the judge screamed, and while the blood vessels in his neck, small ropes under his skin, bulged, he swung his gavel like a maniacal swatter of flies on a pig farm. The instrument snapped in two, and the sound was like a shot...

The Truth

The Truth

clouds covered the earth and some hands began to pray darkness left, floating

Knock Knock  – The Opera

Knock Knock – The Opera

{Strong Language Warning}   Friday 11:17 pm, July 13, 2012 "Mum, wake up it’s Lance. Shit, help me...  Mum?” “Listen Nancy-boy, this is not your blooming Mum, and next time put on yer peepers before ya dial the telly. Arcehole.” Click   A light rain falls on...



A pecking was heard upon a windowpane, and four winds blew, and four did bend, warping wood, as it twists me home, dry from the ocean's spray... Bleak the view, my pockets lined with dust, and fragments of toil left time etched in rows upon my forehead deep. Inside me...

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Colonel Edward "Tite" Turley at your service. Football coach and teacher at Greenbrier Military Academy in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

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