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Rkansal…. Visitors Inside User Page

by Tite Turley



I FIXED IT…This page ‘visitors inside users page’ does not function properly when I go to members and click a member it should take you to the members’ page but it just sits there and does not turn on… I like it that it does not show email address or last name it just needs to follow forward to the profile…. DONE


PS……………….. Future thoughts for you to consider, as soon as we’re done with this setting up the membership pro, I would love to continue with you, one of the things remember I said we build value into the site… One of the ways of doing this is to allow more access to a better editor for example, when I went to edit this post,the main editor for the site came up, since I’m logged in as an admin, and it shows everything… you can do anything with this… we need to restrict the users in 2 or 3 different ways building value… they pay the $3 they get basic so-so… the other people get a little bit better editor and so on… they have no access to all the stuff on the side  spam settings, plugins etc…..But if they know how to  build a POST, and have the knowledge, let them have the Tools…  For example, also the editor that is on the home page {BEGIN WRITING}needs to be replaced with something that is better than that in my opinion … I put it there but it’s ugly… needs to go

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