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by Tite Turley


The Writers on this site will provide a quality piece of writing which is both
unique and personalized.  Custom poetry, which includes drafts, revisions
and/or changes, costs just $42 and is delivered by email.

Price: $4200,000.00

Over Night Poem
Written and sent by e-mail or fax. This is our, “We will give it our best shot,” short poem.  Only one revision allowed.

      Price: $15.00

A Tribute in appreciation of a person’s service or achievement. Normally 2
pages, double spaced.

     Price: $75.00

The Love or
Personal Letter

Unique letters to warm a heart. Let us express your feelings and thoughts to
someone you love on their birthday. This is about one page [double-spaced] in
length and $20.00 for each additional page.

      Price: $33.00+

Celebrate a good friend. This is like a fine musical note of literary
composition, dedicated to someone of esteem or selfless devotion. When the dam
breaks, this soul remains right beside you.
Normally 2 pages, double spaced

     Price: $75.00

Excellent quality editing and proofreading provided for fiction and nonfiction
book manuscripts, short stories, screenplays, stage scripts, speeches, reports,
essays, editorials, personal greeting messages, and query letters.

       Based on length and writer’s discretion
sets the price.

Wedding Speeches

        Do you have a fear of speaking before a
crowd? Or simply don’t know how to express your joy of this event. Our wedding
speech is not drawn from a hat or taken from scraps of paper. It is put
together by you. All we need is your input. Remember, you’re the director of this
movie, and we as your support team want this to be a hit. Your speech will be
about two-minutes in length and cost $75.00. Any additional minutes goes for
the rate of $20.00 per minute.

      Price: $75.00+

The Speech Special
Need a “Special Occasion” Speech? Throw down your pen and let
Marblemouth write it for you. The prices depending on length of speech.
“Audiences will applaud your Oratorical Skills. Eloquence!
Two writers will combine their skills & expertise to create a uniquely
worded document written especially for YOU. One example is, “Why not have
a poem inside a story?” or when two novelist put their heads together,
words fly past like sled dogs tracking through the wilderness.
      Price: $125.00


     Most Professional Ghostwriters charge
fifty to one hundred dollars per line.
We don’t see writing as a job or a chore. We see it as a way to help others get
in touch with their feelings and the stories they’ve dreamed about. A member of
our ghostwriting team will talk with you over the phone or chat with you on the
internet. We don’t start writing your story until we understand exactly what
you want. It’s your story, not ours and we are very careful to remember that.
Your job is to tell us how you feel about it, the picture you see in your mind,
the feeling you want the reader to get at the end of your fiction, or the light
you want your non-fiction to be seen in. It is our job to make that happen.

Short fiction – $33 per page

Short non-fiction $21 per page

Over the phone advice: – $40 an hour.

The time in which the project is to be completed will vary with each client
according to the length and detail required of the ghostwriter. So, dig that
unfinished short story out of the closet and let us help you make it a masterpiece!
Please email or call so that we might talk about your project if it does not
fit the prices above.



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