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by Tite Turley

John if you make the forms/boxes? I can fill them out


Writers Username————-

Overall rating:
Ready to be published:
Review Title: ————————HERE——————-
hi, part of what I’m hearing from people on fan story is that in the voting area where you read somebody pose or maybe even contest area, there’s too much fluff, everybody’s is 6 star writer…
So years ago I made this example you see below… where you have the cheap people get a  5 star rating thing only? right? And for the people that have paid something they get this Extra little rating system thing, along with a 6-star thing, it has more Weight combined. So quite possibly it might level the playing field so as a good writer is actually rewarded…
and I think by doing so it makes the total score more spread out so the possibility of somebody actually winning on their own merit is better
Ratings (the higher the better){They cannot be all fives please} {This is all optional too}
Imagery*  Did it appeal to your senses? Were you pulled into the writers’ words? Plot?
Structure, Flow, ReadabilityWere there any boulders blocking the flow? Was it smooth reading? 
Word ChoiceWere the proper words used to convey tone or mood?
Message/Theme If this were published today would you change anything?
Stand/As IsWould Hemingway or Shakespeare buy this?

Overall rating———————————————————————–TOTAL




ORDER FORM///////////////////////////////////////////

#3—- Create Form for Customer to fill out when ordering services.

1 First Name*

2 Last Name

3 Email *

  •   Confirm email again

4 Recipient’s First Name – or Nickname*

  • Please fill in box

5 What type of writing are you requesting?*

    • Dedication

    • Editing

    • Ghost Writer

    • Love Letter

    • Personal Letter

    • Poetry

    • Speech

  • Other {Box}

6 What is the occasion?*

    • Anniversary

    • Bar Mitzvah

    • Birth

    • Birthday

    • Retirement

    • Roast

    • Special Event

    • Toast

    • Wedding Speech

  • Other  {Please fill in Box}

7 Favorite hobbie, vacation spots, drinks, that both of you share.*

  • Please fill in box

8 What is the relationship to this person?*

    • Mother

    • Father

    • Sister

    • Brother

    • Grandparent

    • Friend

    • Co-worker

    • Bride

    • Groom

    • Husband

    • Girlfriend

    • Boyfriend

    • Partner

    • Other  {Please fill in Box}

9 Would you like religious terms used in this?

    • Yes

  • No

10 Mood Preference – What mood would you like this to carry throughout.*

    • Funny

    • Upbeat

    • Sexy

    • Down Right Dirty

    • A bit of everything

    • Turn the lights down

    • Seriously I love you

  • Drop dead

11 Intended Purpose – What would you like this writing to accomplish?

  • Please fill out whatever you can

12 What else can you tell us about this person? Please give as many clues as possible,

or give us 10 words or so, which you would associate with this individual.*

  • Please fill in Box

13 How soon would you like this completed by?

  • Calendar

14 Catcha.

  • 2+4 =

15 Submit

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